Drew: The Dinosaur

Making friends is an important part of growing up, both for kids AND for dinosaurs! Drew the Dinosaur knows the secret for connecting with new friends...do you?

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Drew the Dinosaur

“You’re amazing, Drew! How did you already make friends with everyone in the sky?”
Drew the Dinosaur is an encouraging children’s story about a long-necked dinosaur who worries about starting kindergarten and meeting new friends. Luckily for him, Mom has revealed the secret to making friends and enjoying school.

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Betty the Brontosaurus

When Betty the Brontosaurus wonders about rainbows, Drew enlists the help of all his pals in the sky to make a special first day of school for his teacher and classmates. Set in a fantasy world, this fun tale offers a very real chance for parents and teachers to guide children in the art of meeting new friends.

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what says our customers about us!
  • Drew the Dinosaur is a book that all kids will love - it has engaging characters, beautiful dinosaur illustrations with vibrant colors and encourages kids that may be a little anxious about starting school and/or making new friends.


  • Yes!!! Cutest book ever! It’s better than I expected. My daughter loves the pictures! I would definitely recommend this. I even bought one for my cousins' little one the next day.


  • This is one of the BEST books. It's perfect for my son. Beautiful illustrations, perfect book length and words per page, easy to follow sweet story. A must purchase, so happy I discovered this endearing book!